Teachers Know Best
: What Educators Want From Digital Instructional Tools 2.0
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Teachers are trying to adjust their approach to address what they've learned

69% of teachers believe tailoring instruction to each individual student is required to improve student achievement

Teachers need tools that

Adapt To Student Level

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The Challenge Today

Having identified students who are mastering content and students who struggle, teachers are daunted by repeatedly adapting content for divergent skill levels. Content is organized by grade not skill level, spread across multiple applications, and rarely flexible enough that teachers can creatively use it to personalize instruction.

I want a company to be able to tell me “if kids do X, there's a Y percent chance of Z outcome" and very few companies can do that. They just don't have that research yet. But it's very powerful, to a kid or a teacher, if you have that. Barton | Principal | Chicago, IL

The Opportunity

Give teachers & students flexible, adaptive tools. Tools that provide students a personal learning path unrestrained by grade level while providing teachers content and lessons mapped to the specific needs of their struggling students.

Thought Starters

How might we

  • Allow access to content based on demonstrated mastery rather than defaulting to grade level
  • Free teachers to be attentive to struggling students, enabling advanced students to challenge themselves with more advanced content
  • Give teachers fast, detailed data at the concept and skill level so they can spend their time creatively planning and teaching
  • Tie data about student misconceptions to resources