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: What Educators Want From Digital Instructional Tools 2.0



Apply for a challenge grant or work with a test bed

Courseware Challenges

Courseware Challenges accelerate education innovation by inviting publishers, developers, and entrepreneurs to propose innovative digital solutions for personalized learning. Challenges disburse grants for solutions at various stages of development to encourage incubation and scaling of great ideas. These Challenges target different areas of the courseware ecosystem to ensure that digital tools supporting personalized learning benefit as many students, teachers, and districts as possible.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation uses Courseware Challenges to invest in courseware that supports students in pursuing learning experiences tailored to their needs, skills, and interests in order to prepare them for success in the colleges and careers of their choice.

Our most recent challenge, the Literacy Courseware Challenge, awarded 29 grants in amounts of $25,000-$500,000. For future challenges, follow our grant opportunities.

Product Efficacy

Education technology test beds accelerate education innovation by connecting developers and educators to pilot, evaluate, and ultimately expand the use of learning products that work for students.

These test beds help educators find products, learn how to use them, and understand what works for each student. They help entrepreneurs overcome barriers that can keep innovations from even getting in the school door. And they help districts quickly scale what works.

That’s why The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is building on their work to foster a network of test beds across the nation that will: focus on helping students achieve desired learning outcomes by developing personalized learning products and accelerating their adoption; put teachers and school decision-makers at the center of the shift toward personalized learning; lower risks and barriers to all parties of adopting new, potentially transformative products; and encourage the rapid development of a healthy, transparent market for highly effective learning technologies.

Our most recent initiative, Product Efficacy in Digital Learning Technologies, awarded 7 grants in amounts of $325,000-$5,000,000. For future initiatives, follow our grant opportunities.